Understanding in Development of Wisdom

The previous post stated that knowledge is the basic building block in the process of developing of wisdom. But knowing something does not mean than one comprehends the facts represented by that knowledge.

Understanding is the word describing that comprehension of facts. I have knowledge of some facts about the “Dyson Air Multiplier” device but I do not understand it. I read that it is related to the “airfoil” effect that causes an airplane to “lift” but I don’t understand that either! (For more about these concepts check out this link.) If someone DOES comprehend these facts, we would say that they UNDERSTAND the concept. (Click on the image to read more about “Bloom’s revised taxomony” and the order of thinking skills.)

But knowing the facts – even understanding them – still does not equate to wisdom. My dad (no formal education) used to describe some person as, “He has a lot of book learnin’ but he has no horse sense.” Dad knew that the accumulation of facts (knowledge or “book learnin’) and even understanding those facts does NOT mean that a person has wisdom (“horse sense” in my dad’s lingo.)

So what ELSE is needed in order to have wisdom? Leave a comment to tell us what YOU think.

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