Wisdom Process #2

In the last post, I listed several words (knowledge, understanding, sound judgment, discernment, counsel, insight) as being related to the concept of wisdom. But the question is… HOW?

It appears to me that the basic “building block” in the process of developing wisdom is knowledge. The definition of knowledge is still being debated. However, to establish some point of reference and enable the present discussion (of developing wisdom), I will offer my simple definition:

Knowledge – the accumulation of facts.

But even that simple definition is ambiguous. Who defines a “fact”? (See the philosophical debate at   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knowledge#Defining_knowledge_.28philosophy.29.) Still, some things must be accepted if we are ever to move beyond the status quo.

Knowledge is what most schools teach. Teachers & textbooks provide the facts and students are expected to memorize them. A test is given to determine whether the child can repeat the facts as they were given.

What is missing in this scenario? Leave a comment and tell us what YOU think is needed to move from knowledge to wisdom?

2 thoughts on “Wisdom Process #2

  1. Facts are just that until they are tried and tested — Worldly wisdom comes from what a person experiences (sometimes more than once). For example if you touch a hot stove it burns you — you now know NOT to touch hot stoves, and if you’ve “learned your lesson well,” not to touch anything that is hot. But there is wisdom that we CANNOT get from our worldly experience — that is God’s wisdom, which many times does not even come close to being understood from a world point of view. ONLY God can give wisdom that will help us achieve the goal of spending eternity with Him.

    • Hi Kay! Welcome to the site.
      I agree with your comment about wisdom (normal wisdom as opposed to godly wisdom). Thanks for posting it.
      Could you describe how you feel that God grants His wisdom to us?

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