Sep 03

Wisdom of Solomon

Solomon was the wisest man

In the Bible, and in much of the secular world, Solomon is recognized as having possessed wisdom beyond that of any other man who ever lived. In 1 Chronicles 1:7 (NIV) God spoke to Solomon in a dreamĀ and said to him, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” When Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge (v.10) God was pleased and granted his request.

So, instantly, Solomon became the wisest and most knowledgeable man on the earth – NOT! In verse 12 God said, “therefore wisdom and knowledge will be given you.” Notice the FUTURE TENSE “will be given.”

Someone once said, “As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in schools.” How many kids (including me) have wasted their time and then prayed that God would give them instantaneous knowledge to pass a test? But knowledge is almost always acquired through experience and education (study).

Likewise, there is NO INSTANT WISDOM. God promised Solomon that he would acquire great knowledge and have the wisdom to use it. However, God did not specify the means by which Solomon would become wise. God also assured Solomon that He would give him “wealth, riches and honor” but these were not apparent when Solomon awoke from his dream either. Verse 14 says that “Solomon accumulated chariots and horses.” It is only reasonable that Solomon received all of the things God promised (including wisdom and knowledge) – over time and with some effort on Solomon’s part.

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